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Les propriétés les mieux notées dans Aquitaine

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Acheter une propriété à Aquitaine

Property in Aquitane

Buying property in Aquitaine is an investment well worth making. The wines of Bordeaux, the easy accessibility and various types of accommodations that can be found in this region make it a fantastic region for your dream second home. Several reasons for looking for a property in the Aquitaine are listed below.


Market division

Up to 100 000 residents of the Aquitaine are not of French nationality. It is a popular and well-known destination for people who wish to buy a (second) house in France. In total, foreign buyers or tenants own 9.4% of the property in the Aquitaine. Most of the foreign owned property in the Aquitaine is located in the countryside, in the major cities and on the coast. A smaller portion is in the mountains. Approximately 55% of all the foreign owned property in the Aquitaine have been, or still should be, renovated. The most popular area within the Aquitaine to buy a second property is the Dordogne.

Authentic houses

There are a variety of different types of houses in the Aquitaine. The three most common are Bastides, Longères and Perigord houses.


Bastides are the quintessential house of the South-West of France. Due to their elegant square shape and lightly reinforced walls, they are sometimes referred to as forts. They were built in this way in the middle ages as it would protect small villages against hostile forces. Bastides are very typical of the property in the Aquitaine.


The Longères in contrast, is more reminiscent of a farm on one floor. They feature large storage rooms and are therefore highly suitable for storing wine, should you be interested in that.


Similarly to Bastides, Perigord houses have high medieval character, with their sand-coloured stone and pointed roofs.If you are looking for an authentic, solid house that breathes the atmosphere of bygone times, such a property in the Aquitaine has it all!

Four reasons to buy a property in the Aquitaine

1. With the airports of Bordeaux and Biarritz close by, it is very easily accessible.

2. In the Bordeaux area, wine is very important, and therefore there are many houses that have their own vineyard.

3. The area is a very touristic one, which makes it easy to rent out your second home.

4. The investment you make by buying a property in the Aquitaine will quickly pay for itself. Even more tourists will soon find their way to the region through the means of the high-speed line that is currently under construction between Paris and Bordeaux. 

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Les propriétés les mieux notées dans France, Aquitaine

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