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Property for sale Burgenland

Burgenland, Austria's most eastern province, is a border province. It was formed in 1921 of German speaking country that previously belonged to Hungary.

Fertile soils

Burgenland is also called "the vegetable garden of Vienna" because it is a very fertile agricultural region. Its vineyards make up a third of the wine production in Austria. If you do appreciate an Austrian wine, then you should surely look for
property in Burgenland. If you enjoy a nice piece of meat with that glass of wine then property in Burgenland
is certainly the right thing for you. Approximately 30% of the Burgenland area is covered with forests, where a lot of game forages that often end up on the local dinner plate.
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Neusiedler See

The rest of the region looks more like the Hungarian fields than the Alpine regions the country is known for. In the summer tourists spread out in this area, especially around the Neusiedler See. The Neusiedler See is the largest lake in Austria and offers you, or the potential tenant of your
property in Burgenland, good facilities for sailing, water sports and other outdoor activities. A summer resort in Neusiedl, Rust, is a popular place for these activities and also for bird spotting. The Seewinkel National Park, amongst others,  is where you can find many special flora close to your property for sale in Burgenland.

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